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Hey there! Thanks for considering working with me as your voice over coach. Watch the video that explains exactly how my process works. I very much look forward to working with you!
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  • Determine if we are a good match
  • Pay & then pick dates and times
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When you work with me I have three options. Click on the link below to pay and then you'll pick a time. Also, if you just need a quick 15 minute session to prepare for an audition, just email me at DaveFennoyCoaching@gmail.com. It's just $50.
  • 30 Minutes appointment for $95
  • 60 Minutes appointment for $175
Dave Fennoy with VO students at the Don LaFontaine Lab
Dave Fennoy with VO students at the Don LaFontaine Lab
***Please understand that any appointments you book with me are subject to change. This due to the fact that "stuff" happens and I may also book a VO job at the last minute.
If that happens, we will reschedule at a time that's mutually convenient.***
"Dave Fennoy is not only a consummate voice actor, but he's an excellent coach.  Listen to what he asks you to do and you'll find yourself in new territory that you didn't think you had in you!"
Jack de Golia
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